BBA LLB Discipline Courses Electives

BBA-LLB (Hons.) Honors Courses
Constitutional Law (Group – 1) Business Law (Group – 2)
Legal and Constitutional History of India Law and Economics
Comparative Constitution - US, India and UK Law of Carriage, Transportation and Insurance
Local Self-Governments, Gram Panchayat and Municipal Administration Law of Mergers and Governance
Law on Education International Contracts Law
Right to Information White Collar Crimes and Money Laundering
Legislative Drafting Law of Foreign Trade and Exchange
Indian Federalism and Judicial Independence E-Commerce / Contract and Law
Freedom of Trade and Commerce International Banking and Law
International Law (Group – 3) Intellectual Property Rights (Group – 4)
Law Relating to Regional Trade Agreements Evolution of IPR and Convention
Transboundary Exports, Imports and Anti-dumping Law Copyright Law
WTO and GATS Law of Patents
Law of Sea / Maritime Law Law of Trademarks and Service Marks
Law of the Aviation Traditional Knowledge, Geographical Indication and Farmer Rights
International Criminal Law and Criminal Court Intellectual Property: Industrial Designs
International Environmental Law Other Intellectual Property
International Labour Organization and Labour Law IPR Valuation and Management
International Criminal Law and Criminal Court IPR Protection and Technology
Criminal Law (Group - 5)
Women and Criminal Law Penology and Victimology
Criminology Forensic Science - I
Forensic Science - II Socio-Economic Offences
International Criminal Law Offences Against Child & Juvenile Offences
Elective Courses
Elective - I ( Law and Society) Elective - II (Law and Economy)
NGOs and Law Economic Policy and Sustainable Development
Population, Public Health and Law Law on Investment and Disinvestment
Law on Food Safety and Security Law on Infrastructure Development
Elective - III (International Law) Elective - IV (Law and Agriculture)
Private International Law Farmers and Breeders Rights
International Criminal Law and International Criminal Court Law on Micro-finance and Micro-insurance
International Dispute Resolutions Law on Agricultural Finance and Infrastructural Development
Elective - V (Crimes & Criminology) Elective - VI (Constitutional Law)
Criminal Psychology Gender Justice
Forensic Science Media Law
Financial and Systemic Frauds Law on Education


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