Campus Infrastructure

Workshops and Laboratories IcfaiTech

The ICFAI University, Jaipur has various laboratories such as Mechanical, Civil, Electronics & Communications and Computer Science laboratories which are well equipped with modern machines to train the students and make them aware with the realistic version of the course. For the engineering students at IcfaiTech (Faculty of Science and Technology) we have following laboratories:


  • Surveying lab
  • Mechanics of solids lab
  • Fluid mechanics lab
  • Hydraulic and
    hydraulics machines lab
  • Geotechnical lab
  • Concrete technology lab
  • Transportation lab
  • Workshop practice lab
  • Production technique lab

  • Heat and mass transfer lab
  • Internal combustion lab
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning lab
  • Automobiles lab
  • Physical science lab
  • Linear Integrated Circuits and Applications lab

  • Electronic Circuit Analysis Lab
  • Texas Instruments Lab
  • Digital/ Analog Communication Lab
  • Digital Logic Design Lab
  • Digital Signal Processing Lab
  • RF and Microwave Engineering Lab
  • Soft Skills Lab

Computer Center

The University is equipped with four Computer Labs along with Projection System catering to the needs of Science, Engineering, Law, Commerce and Management Students. All Computers in the Labs are well connected with internet. The Computers in the lab are backed up with UPS Power. Faculty Members are also provided with Computer facilities with internet connection. The entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled.


The University has a well-stocked library. Students have access to the finest collection of contemporary books and journals which supplement the prescribed reference books and text books, providing students an opportunity to gain significant appreciation of Science, Engineering, Management, Law and IT Subjects, going well beyond the classroom- based programs. Library is augmented with books, periodicals, journals, magazines and other publications on a regular basis. and the library, with reading room capacity of over 50 students, possesses about 18394 books, 13 journals and 01 database.

S.No Branch No. of Titles No. of Books
1. Science and Technology 2986 8407
2. Management 2832 6110
3. Law 953 3641
4. Education 236 236
  Total 7007 18394
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The University has following laboratories for imparting quality education

Laboratories: 28 Units
S.N Name of Laboratory No. of Units
1. Physics Laboratory 1
2. Chemistry Laboratory 1
3. Electronics Laboratory 1
4. Electrical Laboratory 1
5. Workshop Laboratory 1
6. Engineering Graphics Laboratory 1
7. Fluid Mechanics Laboratory 1
8. Survey/ Geodesy Engineering Laboratory 1
9. Production Technology 1
10. IC Engine Laboratory 1
11. Heat & Mass Transfer 1
12. RF & Microwave 1
13. Analog Communication 1
14. Digital Signal Processing 1
15. Geo Technical Engg. Lab 1
16. Language Laboratory 1
17. Mechanics of Solid Lab 1
18. Construction Technology Lab 1
19. H & HM Lab 1
20. Digital Communication Lab 1
21. Machine tools & Metrology lab 1
22. Electronic Circuit analysis Lab 1
23. Microprocessor programming & interface Lab 1
24. Linear Integrated Circuit Lab 1
25. Transportation Engg. Lab 1
26. Mechanics of Solids Lab 1
27. Geotechnical Engg. Lab 1

Language Lab

The students of FST, IBS and FOL are trained in English language proficiency. This enables the students to improve communication skills for employability.

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Sports & Recreation

The University provides recreational facilities for indoor and outdoor games.

Outdoor Facilities : Cricket; Football; Volleyball; Gym.

Indoor Facilities : Badminton; Chess; Carom; Table Tennis; Treadmill; Weight Lifting; Kabaddi.

ICFAI Sports Community achieves a healthier lifestyle while coping with the highly demanding study environment, one need to be healthy, both emotionally and physically. As a part of this process, ICFAI emphasizes the importance of sports and considers them as an integral part of the curriculum. ICFAI has a number of sports activities that help the students maintain physical fitness and develop a competitive spirit.

Football is a high action game. It requires relentless practice, determination, grit and passion for that ICFAI provides full length well maintained lush green football ground for practice and tournament purposes.

Cricket is the most popular game our country plays, ICFAI boasts of having cricket academy with well maintained lush green cricket ground and practice nets with two wickets (hard and turf) for practice and tournament purposes.

Badminton : This racquet game is a fun active sport which is an easy game to practice with few painless rules; this game is so popular that ICFAI has two well maintained badminton courts covered with lightings for practice purpose.

Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players each are separated by a net. This is a very popular game amongst the students; ICFAI University has two well maintained volleyball courts for both boys and girls.

Kabaddi often seen as one of the ancient wrestling sport, ICFAI has standard size of kabaddi court for practice.

Gymnasium ICFAI’s facility for students include gymnasium, for men and women both. The gymnasium is spacious and well equipped. It has A/C and Audio facility, the gym has separate timings for men and women.

Table tennis also known as ping-pong is a sport in which two or four players hit a lightweight ball back and forth using a table tennis racket on a hard table divided by a net at the middle, ICFAI has Table Tennis table for students having keen interest in playing Table Tennis.

Chess and Carrom Board are two more interesting indoor games are there in ICFAI that tests all nooks and corners of the brain, chess is the best platform to prove your smartness where carrom is more fun and improve logical thinking, make you better learners.

Other Facilities

  • LCD Projector in each class room
  • Internet facility to all faculty members, students and staff
  • Online Library facility
  • Health Centre
  • Air conditioners in each class rooms
  • Hostel and transportation facility
  • Cafeteria
  • ATM
  • Facilities for co-curricular activities

Hostel Facility Hostels available within the University campus for both boys and girls with AC, Non AC with Single and double occupancy. State-of-the-art dining facility available.

Cafeteria & Canteen The University has a well -furnished cafeteria to cater the refreshment needs of the students, faculty, staff and guests. It serves as a formal and informal interaction point of the institute.

Moot Court - Faculty of Law Moot Court activity, which is a part of clinical legal training, equips the students to gain practical experience, improve analytical reasoning, legal aptitude and presentation and communication skills. The moot courts helps the students in understanding bar and bench relationship. It helps to inculcate the good court room techniques, processes and disciplines among the students.

ICFAI Law School internalizes the moot court process into its curriculum throughout the program as it strongly feels that moot court helps the students in understanding the requirements of clients and courts in the real life situations. A student is made to learn the legal issues associated with the case and prepare the briefs and arguments. The mock trials help in understanding the requirements of clients and prepare them in right direction.

Students are encouraged to participate in the national and international moot court competitions. In every semester, one intra college moot court competition is organized by ICFAI Law School to facilitate students to imbibe the qualities of a professional lawyer.

Legal Aid Clinic - Faculty of Law ICFAI Law School is committed to social cause and contributes to the society by the way of spreading legal awareness, legal literacy and by providing legal services. It aims to coordinate with the District and State Legal Services Authorities in solving the disputes of the local people. As part of Legal Aid Program, the students undertake some of the program under the supervision of the faculty members and Legal Service Authorities. These programs help the poor and needy who cannot afford the services of a lawyer for the conduct of a case or a legal proceeding in any court, tribunal or before an authority. It provides an opportunity to students to learn how to handle clients who are illiterate and poor. They will also be helping the citizens to understand their rights under the constitution and other enactments.

These initiative aims at making the students independent before they plunge into the competitive professional environment.

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