IcfaiTech School

The ICFAI Tech (Faculty of Science and Technology) provides quality education and training in the fields of Science and Technology.

Body of Knowledge

IcfaiTech integrates into its learning system an innovative and emerging body of knowledge. The following are its highlights:

  • Cutting-edge course curriculum capturing the contemporary and effective pedagogy, with emphasis on both fundamentals and applications.
  • Encouraging students to not only articulate science and technology needs but also provide appropriate solutions.
  • Developing appreciation for synthesized multidisciplinary learning by way of internships, measurement techniques, workshop practices and other group learning assignments.


  • To provide high quality, value-based, career-oriented education for students.
  • To facilitate students in understanding, developing,integrating and applying both core and specialized concepts and practices.
  • To provide students with stimulating and learning-friendly atmosphere to utilize a higher level of their intellectual capacity required to specialize in the respective areas of study.
  • To produce energetic, effective, efficient and ethical professionals to meet the desired needs of the dynamic world and serve the society.

ICFAI Tech School, Jaipur Rankings

  • IcfaiTech, Jaipur Ranked 25th all India in top 100 Engineering Colleges -2020 (Govt Pvt), Silicon India.
  • IcfaiTech, Jaipur Ranked 4th West Region in top 100 Engineering Colleges -2020 (Govt Pvt), Silicon India.
  • IcfaiTech, Jaipur Ranked 1st among promising Engineering Colleges -2020 (Govt Pvt), CSR – GHRDC.
  • IcfaiTech, Jaipur Rated AAAAA in Rajasthan among top Pvt. Engineering Colleges -2020, Digital Learning.